Document delivery

Despite the development of electronic document management, the physical delivery of documents to Russia continues to be in consistently high demand. Paper documentation can be sent with a courier of a transport company, attached to the parcel, but in this case the cost of the shipment will increase. At SkypToP, you can order the delivery of documents on more favorable terms.

Delivery Features

Forwarding of documents should be carried out by reliable contractors, because:

  • the documents may contain a trade secret;
  • some documents are difficult to recover;
  • documentation may be required urgently;
  • the transaction often depends on the promptness of the delivery of papers.

Choosing a classic transport transportation in Russia, you may encounter cargo delays and its loss. Sometimes the cost of sending such parcels is clearly overstated. The most reliable and secure way of sending is through trusted individuals. These are couriers who work for transport companies and own private transport. They can carry out the transportation and delivery of documents across the Russian Federation, to Moscow in the shortest possible time.

This method of transportation is economical, fast, and safe. Couriers are not interested in the contents of the parcel, but are interested in delivering it to the recipient. The delivery service to Russian cities has already received a lot of positive feedback.

How to order transportation

You can order the delivery of documents by the selected transport in the SkypToP company online. To do this, just fill out the form on the website and send an application. The consultant will contact you shortly. The customer can make an order for transportation by rail, car, or aviation. If the fastest possible delivery is required, then aviation is the best option.

The transport company offers a choice of couriers who work in different areas. At the request of the client, the specialist will select a carrier who will undertake the execution of the order. Delivery is carried out from hand to hand! The recipient is given the documents personally — this ensures that no outsiders will get acquainted with the contents of the papers. The courier agrees with the recipient about the time of transfer of documentation.

With all questions about services, guarantees, you can contact a SkypToP specialist directly. The company specializes in delivery by private couriers. For 2 years of work, the company has helped to successfully deliver thousands of packages with documents. Not a single shipment was lost.