Delivery of heavy goods across Russia and the CIS requires not only specialized and powerful transport, but also special skills and experience on the part of those who organize such transportation. Therefore, when choosing a transport company, pay attention to whether it is engaged in the organization of such deliveries, and what solutions it is ready to offer to its customers. If you want to save time and be sure that the cargo will arrive safely, choose a professional.

What is referred to as heavy loads?

Traditionally, it is considered that heavy goods include such goods, the total weight of which is 38 tons or more. It does not have to be a large product – it is not uncommon for small-sized vehicles to be used for the delivery of heavy goods.

Most often, heavy goods are represented by agricultural, machine–building and other equipment, machine tools that are used in industries — oil refining, woodworking, shipbuilding and others. Russia and the CIS countries are agricultural states, therefore, transportation of combines, tractors and other similar equipment is often in demand.

Far from small–sized cargo, these are all types of transport – for example, boats and yachts, passenger cars, trailers. Industrial boilers, construction equipment – all these are also not light goods, and special equipment is needed for their transportation.

Delivery of heavy goods in Russia and the CIS

To transport goods marked «heavy» to the Russian Federation and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, it is worth attracting specialists with experience. Transportation of equipment, wood, machine tools begins with the selection of suitable trucks, directions and elaboration of the logistics scheme. To order a cargo transportation service from Moscow or any region, you need to leave a request for payment with an independent transport company. Specify all the data so that the consultants can determine the cost of transportation as accurately as possible. After the transport department has made the necessary calculations and provided that the price suits you, you can sign a contract.

Our company Skip hop is engaged in assistance in the transportation of light and heavy goods in various directions both within the country and abroad. We provide assistance at any stage – from collecting documents to unloading goods at the destination, from securing equipment for subsequent transportation to tracking equipment en route.