Luggage delivery to Armenia and back can ruin the whole trip. Setting up for a vacation, a tourist spends time and money to transport several suitcases. Transportation of such cargo is not included in the price of tickets to Yerevan, so you have to pay extra. In our company, you can order an urgent baggage delivery service, and it will be inexpensive. A SkyPtoP specialist will calculate the cost before sending.

Our advantages

By contacting the company once, you will no longer be able to refuse our services. Here are just a few advantages of the express service:

  • We carry out urgent baggage delivery to Armenia and back to Russia at favorable rates.
  • The courier picks up the luggage from the apartment, you do not need to take it anywhere.
  • The packaging process is carried out in the company.
  • It is possible to transport not only suitcases, but also strollers, sports equipment and equipment, musical instruments.
  • Доставка багажа в Армению осуществляется до отеля. Можно получить груз в багажной комнате, которая есть в большинстве гостиниц.
  • Shipments are insured. Even if there are valuables in the luggage, you don’t have to worry about them.

Now you do not have to check out and check in your luggage, spend time getting it on arrival, look for a car to deliver luggage to the hotel. All these tasks will be performed by a courier, including transportation to the hotel. Relax, get new impressions and don’t think about the little things.

How and when can I apply

You can order express courier delivery of luggage to and from Armenia at any convenient time. To do this, just go to the company’s website or application and send a request. You can also simply call the manager at the phone number listed on the website. Return transportation can be ordered separately if you do not want to deal with luggage anymore. We are also engaged in express delivery of documents by courier. Are you worried that you might lose important documents? Then just entrust them to us.

After submitting a request for courier services on the website or in the application, wait for the manager to call. A specialist will contact you to confirm the order, specify the size of the cargo and the time of dispatch. The shipment may have another recipient, it is worth clarifying this in advance. It is possible to arrange cargo for another person.

Any other questions? Call a specialist to get comprehensive answers. We deliver luggage not only to Yerevan, but also throughout Armenia. Delivery to other countries is also possible.

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