Cargo delivery to Armenia and back from Russia may be required when transporting luggage, as well as various goods. When traveling, we want to get the most impressions and have a good rest. However, the rest can be spoiled by red tape with luggage. Skype toP company will save you from problems with cargo — we have delivery of goods from Moscow and other cities of Russia to Yerevan. Cargo transportation is carried out daily. Separately from the cargo, you can send documents by courier service.

Advantages of SkyPtoP delivery

Cargo delivery to Armenia and back is carried out by professionals, so the client is relieved of a lot of problems:

  • worries about cargo clearance at the border;
  • problems with loading and receiving the goods;
  • solving cargo transportation tasks in Armenia.

Independent shipping takes time and requires certain costs. Delivery by the efforts of specialists removes all these concerns from the client and is cheaper. This is the best option in most cases. The cost of the service is calculated individually, taking into account the weight and overall characteristics of the shipment. Express service is available, urgent courier delivery of documents, parcels, luggage.

How can I get the cargo

If the client has ordered express delivery of documents, they can be sent to the recipient at the address. The courier will hand them over personally or leave them at the hotel. Urgent shipments arrive within a day. The cargo will be brought to a pre-specified location. This may be the luggage room at the hotel where the client is staying. If we are talking about a product, then it can be brought to the recipient’s address.

Return cargo delivery is in demand among tourists, in 100% of cases it is luggage. You can enjoy the last hours of rest, walking through the streets of Yerevan, and at this time the courier will pick up your things from the hotel, pack them and send them to Russia. Thanks to express delivery, they will arrive on time. You will not have to waste time waiting for luggage at the airport — we carry out courier delivery to the address.

To place an order, send a request via the app or leave a request on the website. We will contact you to confirm the order, clarify the characteristics of the cargo and the time of dispatch. You can also contact the manager to ask any questions about the service. The company will make your vacation brighter. The cost of baggage delivery will pay off in the literal sense — we deliver cheaper and provides comfort.

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