Transportation of bulky products and cargo by transport companies is expensive. Today it is possible to find more democratic ways of transportation. Delivery of bulky light cargo across Russia and the CIS can be carried out by independent couriers. Shipments may have different weights and sizes.

How low-cost delivery is provided

Delivery of small and large-sized cargo across the CIS and the Russian Federation is carried out by private individuals. This significantly reduces the cost of transportation and courier. There is no need to contact the transport companies and wait for the delivery to be arranged. The process takes much less time. For transportation, you need to find a suitable courier, it can be:

  • an employee who works on the railway;
  • an employee in the aviation sector;
  • owner of his own transport (car).

Transportation of bulky and small-sized cargo is one of the most popular directions. The owner of his own cargo or passenger car can take the shipment and bring it to the destination. If you need fast delivery of light cargo in Russia or the CIS, it is recommended to use aviation. Rail transportation services are also available, they have their advantages.

How to ship cargo

The delivery of bulky goods across Russia, to Moscow and to the Commonwealth countries can be ordered using the SkypToP service. First you need to fill out a form on the website indicating the type of transport that is needed for transportation. After that, the operator will contact you to clarify all the details of the order. The cost of the service will be calculated. The price depends on a number of parameters: direction, distance, mode of transport, characteristics of the cargo itself. The customer can also choose several delivery options.

SkypToP specializes in cargo transportation within the state and beyond. The company helps to deliver the cargo in a short time with minimal costs. There is no doubt that the departure will arrive at the place on time. The sender receives the necessary documentation from the company, which serves as confirmation that the cargo has been shipped.

The organization has been working in this field for more than 2 years, thousands of orders have been completed during this time. You can apply for services online — it only takes a minute. With all questions about the service and guarantees, you can contact a consultant.