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About us

Skytop is an easy way to send parcels and earn money on trips.
We connect people who need to send a package with those
who are on the way.

Sending a parcel by mail around the city is not a way for those who need to deliver quickly. You can send important documents, medicines or things within a few hours or on the same day with the SkyPtoP delivery companion search service.


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Cargo delivery in Russia and abroad.

Delivery in Russia and abroad, to the CIS countries and Europe is the main direction of the SkyPtoP service. We are contacted if you need to search for a courier or a client who needs cargo transportation to China or the USA. The service unites people from different countries: those who need to deliver parcels, goods and documents, and those who professionally organize their transportation to any city of the Russian Federation or abroad.

Features and scheme of work

SkyPtoP is a service that simultaneously works with recipients and senders. Our main task is to find the best option for cargo delivery, taking into account the needs of customers, their preferences and financial capabilities. The search for couriers abroad has never been so simple and pleasant. All you will need to do is:

  1. fill out the application form, specify in it the type of goods to be transported, which country of destination;

  2. wait until the manager processes your order;

  3. get acquainted with the proposed options and choose the most preferred method of delivery of goods and receipt abroad.

We can offer the same convenient and favorable terms of cooperation to representatives of transport companies or private carriers. You need to write to us, specifying exactly where you can deliver the cargo and on what transport, then get customers and fulfill their order for transportation.

Why choose us?

SkyPtoP is a new service that promotes effective interaction between customers and performers in the field of transportation organization. Finding a customer, as well as choosing a performer with us, becomes simple and logical. All our clients and partners will appreciate the cooperation with us and the possibilities of our service, including:

  1. Transportation of different types of cargo. Through SkyPtoP, you can send a package of documents, luggage with personal belongings, arrange delivery of medicines, food or special equipment.

  2. Wide geography: Russia, CIS, Chinese cities, USA and any other countries;

  3. Work in both directions: we are contacted if you need to receive a shipment abroad or transport things to Moscow;

  4. Customs clearance service: our partners know how to get a document for the export of goods abroad;

  5. Suitable transport, even if you need to send long cargo or bulky;

  6. Round-the-clock customer search and prompt delivery.

And SkyPtoP is the minimum cost of transportation services abroad and in Russia.

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Delivery guarantee

We control couriers, and you can also download a standard contract with which you can insure your risks


Verified couriers

You can see all the reviews and the average score of any courier


Reliable payments

All funds pass through our service, which allows you to make a payment only if the agreement is fully fulfilled

You can leave a request on the website
or download our application

Write to us

You can contact us using a call, a feedback form, an email or using one of the social networks.the network in which we are represented. We will try to answer you as soon as possible.

If you want to leave a review about the Skytop service, please use the feedback form, specifying the reverse contact details.


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We are always happy to receive feedback, ideas and suggestions for improving the SkyPtoP service. We always respond to emails.

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