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Delivery of light luggage by fellow-travellers

Parcels to relatives, gifts to loved ones, things forgotten on vacation and other light items can be sent anywhere in the world by fellow-travellers.

About delivery

Travelers around the world are ready to help and offer their services for the delivery of light luggage. This is a reliable delivery method that will be much faster than sending by mail-post and many times more profitable than using a courier service.
Agree on the delivery terms with the fellow-traveller you like

Make an agreement with the performer you like and give him the package
The traveler will carefully transport your luggage-parcel

And will hand it over to the receiver

Fellow-traveller will be paid only after the delivery is competed and confirmed
This way you can be sure in safe delivery

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What to send?
Send or receive parcels using our SkyPtoP service
SkyPtoP offers a convenient service for the delivery of light parcles by fellow-travellers. This is a drastically new way of worldwide delivery. You do not need to wait for the parcel to be prepared and packed with other parcels, overcoming several distribution centers. Just give it to the person who will be on the spot today and will hand it over to the receiver. This way of delivery is much cheaper and faster than urgent courier deliveries.



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